Free Screening for Volunteers

screening checks for volunteers are apart of building safe communities for everyone

Spread the word – free screening checks for Volunteers working with children, vulnerable people, or people with a disability from 1 November 2018. Making it even easier to get involved with your community.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) offers five types of screening checks.
From the 1 November 2018, they will be free for volunteers.
Child related employment screening
Disability services employment screening
Vulnerable person-related employment screening
General employment probity screening
Volunteers include carers, foster carers and kinship carers.

Screening Fact Sheet

Applying for screening checks

No matter how many of the five types are required, the process for applying for a screening check has not changed. Its up to the volunteer organisation to decide if a volunteer needs a DHS check.
Organisations request screening applications online at and will have to confirm the application is for a volunteer.
After an organisation starts an application, the volunteer will receive a notification to complete it.
Volunteers cannot start their own screening check application.

Processing times

While most screening check applications are completed within three weeks, we recommend organisations allow up to six weeks.
It is important that all information included is an application is correct and relevant, such as all names, nicknames and previous addresses.
Incorrect or incomplete information can slow the process down. An Screening Unit may need to return the application to the volunteer and ask them to correct and resubmit.
For more Information
Telephone: 1300 321 592 (9 am – 5 pm)