Police Check

Requirements for Police Check
Choosing the right person for volunteer positions is important. As part of the recruitment process it may be necessary for volunteers to obtain a police check. This particularly applies if the role requires volunteers to have personal contact with vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly or disabled.
Registering your organisation with SA Police
Organisations may be eligible for free police checks for their Volunteers. Click here to visit the SA Police website to determine eligibility and to obtain a registration form.
Obtaining a Police Check
The application form can be downloaded from the SA Police website. To obtain the police check at no cost, the relevant organisation must complete the appropriate section of the form which requires the Volunteer Organisation.
Having a Police Record
Having a conviction identified on a National Police Certificate does not automatically prevent an individual from volunteering. It will depend on the conviction and the policy of the situation with the relevant organisation. Individuals are advised to discuss the situation with the relevant authority within the specific organisation.
Who pays?
The State Government covers the cost for volunteers of eligible organisations. There is a reduced cost to volunteers of ineligible organisations which may or
may not be covered by the particular organisation. Other costs are listed on the
SA Police website.
Frequently Asked Questions
Click Here to access Volunteer Organisation Authority Number (VOAN) FAQs  from the SA Police website. Click Here for further information and a Police Check Fact Sheet from the SA Government department of the Office for Volunteers.